Monday, November 7, 2011

Classical Book Challenges Spur Jewelry Inspirations

I will be participating in a classical reading challenge for 2012.  Excellent notion, since many of my jewelry inspirations seed from classic literature and themes.  Here is the link to the challenge posed by November's Autumn.  Check it out for yourself:


Silas Marner by George Eliot (re-read)
I love the underlying theme of this story ... love of objects replaced by love of people. 


The Jungle by Upton Sinclair (re-read)
I read this book in college as assigned reading for a business ethics class. Greusome and tragic story that keeps me a simple and honest person in my business dealings. The climate of morals hasn't changed much. A good reminder to be accountable for your actions and who they may affect.


The jungle book by Rudyard Kipling
I love the transcedental love of the animal kingdom. My animal friends, it would seem, are more accepting than my human friends. Love the adventure, and theme of the innocence to carnality in this book.


Orlando by Virginia Woolf
The thought that such a forward concept and transgender morphism being written and openly accepted in the time frame that this book was written intriques me. I loved the movie, and can't wait to read the book.


The gold bug by Edgar Allen Poe
Poe ... does it really need any more description than that?  SWOON


The lay of the last minstrel by Sir Walter Scott, Bart. (re-read)
I love the prose of this book, witty and romantic.


The Swiss Family Robinson by Johan Wyss

Only seen the movie, and was astounded that the themes of heartfelt humanity were written so long ago. The ideas are so modern.  Looking forward to reading it.


  1. Your list sounds rather tough! I'd never heard of The Lay of the Last Minstrel until I just read it on your list. I should like to try it sometime. The only Scott I've read is Ivanhoe, and I loved it for the descriptive prose. Looking forward to reading your reviews on these!! :)

  2. Thank you for joining the challenge! :) Excepting Silas Marner I'm not familiar with your other choices and looking forward to reading your comments on them. :)Especially, The Lay of the Last Minstrel.

  3. GREAT choices....ENJOY!!


    Silver's Reviews

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