Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 10 List - You know you're a beader when

By Jamie Smedley, Marketing Content Development, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®
  1. An exciting night for you means organizing your massive bead collection.
  2. You have more pairs of pliers than your husband does.
  3. The first thing you do while on vacation is flip through the yellow pages to find a bead shop to buy more beads, and you already have over 200 pounds sitting at home.
  4. You count beads and stitches instead of sheep to fall asleep at night.
  5. Beading stores know you by your FIRST name, and have your credit card number on file.
  6. Every conceivable surface in your home, including your pets, is covered with finished jewelry, multiple beading projects, new beads not yet put away, beads on display and beaded décor.
  7. Your pantry and cupboards have more beads than food in them.
  8. Long gone are the cute little bead storage containers. Jumbo sized Costco toolboxes that are full to overflowing, but you still have beads everywhere!
  9. You justify buying more beads with one-liners like, ''My beading addiction is healthier than smoking,'' or ''Beads won't ruin my diet because they don't have calories.''
  10. Your family can't remember the last time they ate at the kitchen table, which is known as no man's land under certain death if they dump over your bead board or cups of beads.

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